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Z-Candy is a new kind of plant nutrient aimed at cannabis and hemp growers.

Z-Candy is a compound made with soy extract. We add sugar beet vinasse, molasses, sphagnum peat moss, aged forest products
extract, dry them and break them down, then dehydrate it.

Z-Candy is then a fine, whitish brown powder, very soluble and stable.
Guaranteed Analysis:
Total Nitrogen (N): 5.5%
4.5% Water Soluble Nitrogen
1.0% Water Insoluble Nitrogen
Soluble Potash (K2O): 0.5%
Derived from Soy Protein Hydrolysate, Sugar Beet Vinasse,
Molasses, Sphagnum Peat Moss and Aged Forest Products
Soy Protein
Soy Protein

SOY Protein
Our soy protein is very special. We hydrolyzed the soy proteins with several special enzymes then dry it and then we did it again just to get the proteins to break down to the smallest particles possible.
Our soy protein powder contains available nitrogen that is ideal for nitrogen deficient crops. Our soy is also rich with amino acids and peptides. The amino acids in our soy can improve the transportation of minerals and keep your plant healthy. Or soy protein is non-Burning and available, with this soy protein as our foundation for Z-Candy “ you can’t grow wrong”.

Types of Amino Acids included in our Soy protein are
Isoleucine: increased pigment response (increased anthocyanins)
Leucine: helps root growth
Lysine: a precursor for glutamate, an important signaling amino acid that regulates plant growth and responses to the environment.
Methionine: contributes number of leaves, plant height, and leaf length and width
Phenylalanine: contributes to reproduction, growth and development
Threonine: helps defined against abiotic stresses (AbS) such as salt, cold and drought
Tryptophan: can increase Calcium and Phosphate uptake in plants
Valine: may be part of the Jasmonic acid family for regulating flower growth
Alanine: maybe a defense compound to support drought
Arginine: provides transport form for organic nitrogen in the plant
Aspartic Acid: may help plants stretch
Cysteine: helps with plant immunity against pests and molds
Glutamic Acid: builds vegetable tissue and provides chlorophyll synthesis
Glycine: may improve plant height and weight
Histidine: can help with wilt and overall health
Proline can improve physiological characteristics of plants
Serine: helps with plant development from vegetative state to flower state
Tyrosine: may help to improve aromatics
Sugar Beet Vinasse Raw Crystal
Sugar Beet Vinasse Raw Crystal
Sugar Beet Vinasse
Sugar Beet Vinasse

Sugar Beet Vinasse
Our Vinasse is a byproduct of the sugar industry. sugar beets are processed to produce crystalline sugar, pulp and molasses. The pulp and molasses are then processed by fermentation into other products including liquid Vinasse. We then filter the liquid through a membrane filtration process then we hydrate the material till it forms crystals. We then grind the crystals to a very fine powder.
Our sugar beet Vinasse is ultrafine and able to solutionize quickly even in very cold water. This makes our Z-Candy blend super soluble even in hard water. Our Vinasse concentrate contains some fantastic properties including organic acids, macro & micronutrients, carbohydrates, polysaccharides, monosaccharides & some minerals. Some of the properties are listed below. Our Vinasse added to our Z-Candy blend makes for a super nutrient to give your flowers that special treat for a super finish.

Poly and Monosaccharides

  • Cellulose
  • Hemicellulose
  • Lignin
  • Dextrose
  • Fructose
  • Galactose
  • Mannose
  • Xylose

Organic acids

  • Ascorbic acid
  • Folvic acid
  • Humic acid
  • Citric acid


  • Calcium
  • Iron
  • Magnesium
SAP Powder
SAP Extract Composition

Sphagnum Peat Moss and Aged Forest
Products Extract (SAP)

Our Z-Candy blend contains our unique SAP extract which is very high in polysaccharides, micronutrients, organic acids, fatty acids, minerals and vitamins. Our SAP extract is made from renewable products and processed to be extremely soluble. A fine reddish brown powder composed of micro-crystals and micro-flakes as an improved surface area for increased solubility. Once in water it becomes very stable with little to no precipitation. The structure of our product is very pH stable able to handle large swings in pH so mixing it with poor water quality is not a problem.
A stickier finish has been documented by as much as 15% (more oil), but different grows means different results so yours could be larger with Z-Candy!SAP extract composition
Polysaccharides & Fatty acids

phenolic acid: antioxidant effect on stress related to dehydration
1,2- Benzenedicarboxylic acid: may influence fruit size
Benzenedicarboxylic acid: may influence oil production
Arabinose & Alpha-D-glucopyranoside: may influence oil production,
Oleic acid: may influence salt stress
Cis-9-Octadecenoil acid: may help with pest and pathogen stress

Organic acids

  • Humic acids
  • Fulvic acid
  • Citric acid
  • Ascorbic acid


  • B3
  • C
  • E
  • Folic acid


  • Calcium
  • Iron
  • Molybdenum
  • Potassium
  • Sulfur
Dehydrated Molasses
Dehydrated Molasses
Raw Molasses
Raw Molasses

Blackstrap Molasses
Our blackstrap molasses comes to us unsulfonated, derived from sugar beets in California and extremely rich in calcium, iron, magnesium and a host of micronutrients. We then carefully processed it to reduce any leaching and contamination from organisms. We then dehydrated slowly and grind it extremely fine just adding the right amount of moisture back to stick to our Z-Candy blend so you are always getting just the right amount to make your plants and microflora happy.

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