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Better ratios and types of phosphorus and potassium along with sulfur make the building blocks of flowers. Throw in some natural products derived from kelp and soy extracts and you now have the best brew for flowery goodness.

Guaranteed Analysis:
Total Nitrogen (N): 2.0%
1.3% Water Soluble Nitrogen
0.7% Water Insoluble Nitrogen
Available Phosphate (P2O5): 22%
Soluble Potash (K2O): 29%
Sulfur (S) 4.5%
Derived from Monopotassium Phosphate, Potassium sulfate,
Soy Protein Hydrolysate, Kelp extract and Potassium
Monopotassium Phosphate (mkp)
Monopotassium Phosphate (mkp)

Monopotassium Phosphate (mkp)
Not all MKPs are made the same. The main difference is the grades some are technical grades and they have the most heavy metals, salts, chlorides and left over materials, then there is our grade no salts, heavy metals and chlorides just pure, clean plant nutrients. Also the difference is solubility most are 5 to 10 grams per liter at 0 C degrees but ours is 14 to 20 grams at zero degrees C. Next is the buffered pH most are 6 pH at 1% concentrate ours is 4.4 pH at 1% concentrate. Do you really want to use more chems just to fight pH? Or fear about heavy metals or chlorides damping your grow? Well with our MKP blended into our Mega-Buds powder nutrient blend there is no need to worry, Just Grow your Mega-Buds.

Potassium sulfate (SOP)
Potassium sulfate (SOP)

Potassium sulfate (SOP)
Sulfur, Sulfur, Sulfur. I can’t say it enough. You want to slow down veg and turn on flowers, this is it. Get it set (fruit and flowers that is). Our SOP dosen’ t cake, highly soluble and rapidly dissolves even in hard water. Combine this with our MKP and you’re firing on all cylinders for your grow with our Mega-Buds nutrient powders.

Soy Protein
Soy Protein

SOY Protein
Our soy protein is very special. We hydrolyzed the soy proteins with several special enzymes then dry it and then we did it again just to get the proteins to break down to the smallest particles possible.
Our soy protein powder contains available nitrogen that is ideal for nitrogen deficient crops. Our soy is also rich with amino acids and peptides. The amino acids in our soy can improve the transportation of minerals and keep your plant healthy. Or soy protein is non-Burning and available, with this soy protein as our foundation for Z-Candy “ you can’t grow wrong”.

Types of Amino Acids included in our Soy protein are:
Isoleucine: increased pigment response (increased anthocyanins)
Leucine: helps root growth
Lysine: a precursor for glutamate, an important signaling amino acid that regulates plant growth and responses to the environment.
Methionine: contributes number of leaves, plant height, and leaf length and width
Phenylalanine: contributes to reproduction, growth and development
Threonine: helps defined against abiotic stresses (AbS) such as salt, cold and drought
Tryptophan: can increase Calcium and Phosphate uptake in plants
Valine: may be part of the Jasmonic acid family for regulating flower growth
Alanine: maybe a defense compound to support drought
Arginine; provides transport form for organic nitrogen in the plant
Aspartic Acid: may help plants stretch
Cysteine: helps with plant immunity against pests and molds
Glutamic Acid: builds vegetable tissue and provides chlorophyll synthesis
Glycine: may improve plant height and weight
Histidine: can help with wilt and overall health
Proline: can improve physiological characteristics of plants
Serine: helps with plant development from vegetative state to flower state
Tyrosine: may help to improve aromatics.
Kelp Extract
Kelp Extract from the North Sea

Kelp extract from the North Sea
This kelp is awesome, not just any kelp goes into our XSD blend. Ours comes directly from the north sea! Why should you care, because it is packed with extra and more. Our kelp contains higher quantities of what your plant needs without additional heavy metals. Something to do with the really cold water.
Our extracted kelp “ascophyllum nodosum” is rich in micro elements, vitamins, minerals, cytokinins, alginic and protein amino acids. See below, then watch your plants grow with our XSD blend.
Our process uses potassium hydroxide to breakdown the kelp under very cold conditions (-10 F) then we process the liquid solution through an ultrafiltration filter to shear off the cellulose and unwanted potassium salts. Next we process it through a centrifuge to condense the good stuff and the last step is we dehydrate it to a beautiful shiny black crystal.
Alanine 5.52 Arginine 5.47 Aspartic Acid 9.88 Cystine1 .49 Glycine 5.70 Glutamic Acid 12.03 Histidine 1.29 Iisoleucine 3.26 Leucine 5.63 Lysine 4.24 Methionine 1.07 Phenylalanine 3.54 Proline 3.71 Serine 4.92 Threonine 4.60 Tryptophan 1.68 Tyrosine 3.52 Valine 3.51
A Retino l390 ppb B2 Riboflavin 4.9 ppm B3 Niacin 182.6 ppm C Ascorbic Acid 375 ppm D Cholecalciferol 150 ppb E Alpha Tocopherol 110 ppm
Ca Calcium 2.1% Cl Chlorine 6.5% K Potassium 2.7% Mg Magnesium 0.85% N Nitrogen 1.4% Na Sodium 4.0% P Phosphorus 0.3% S Sulphur 2.8% (parts per million-ppm) Al Aluminum 289 As Arsenic (FCC) <3 B Boron 98 Cd Cadmium 1 Co Cobalt 4 Cr Chromium 0.8 Cu Copper 4 Fe Iron 622 Hg Mercury <0.1 I Iodine 780 Mn Manganese 60 Mo Molybdenum 2 Pb Lead <5 Se Selenium 0.3 Sn Tin 6.5 Zn Zinc 12

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