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G Buds is a compound made out of sphagnum peat moss and aged forest
products extract, kelp extract and potassium hydroxide, dried and broken down and acidified, then dehydrated. It is a fine, dark, brown powder, very soluble and stable with little to no precipitation occurrence.

Guaranteed Analysis:
Total Nitrogen (N): …………………………………………………..2.0%
1.6% Water Soluble Nitrogen
0.4% Water Insoluble Nitrogen
Soluble Potash (K2O): ………………………………………………..7%
Derived from Sphagnum Peat Moss and Aged Forest
Products Extract, Kelp extract and Potassium Hydroxide
Sphagnum Peat Moss and Aged Forest

SAP Powder
SAP Powder for G-Buds

Products Extract (SAP)
Our G-Buds blend contains our unique SAP extract which is very high in polysaccharides, micronutrients, organic acids, fatty acids, minerals and vitamins. Our SAP extract is made from renewable products and processed to be extremely soluble. A fine reddish brown powder composed of micro-crystals and micro-flakes as an improved surface area for increased solubility. Once in water it becomes very stable with little to no precipitation. The structure of our product is very pH stable and can handle large swings in pH so mixing it with poor water quality is not a problem.
Increased yields have been documented by as much as 40%, but different grows means different results so yours could be larger with G-Buds, DARE YA..

SAP extract composition

G-Buds Mixed Solution
G-Buds Mixed Solution

Polysaccharides & Fatty acids
Phenolic Acid: antioxidant effect on stress related to dehydration
1,2- Benzenedicarboxylic acid: may influence fruit size
Benzenedicarboxylic acid: may influence oil production
Arabinose & Alpha-D-glucopyranoside:
may influence oil production,
Oleic acid: may influence salt stress
Cis-9-Octadecenoil acid
: may help with pest and pathogen stress

Organic acids

  • Humic acids
  • Fulvic acid
  • Citric acid
  • Ascorbic acid


  • B3
  • C
  • E
  • Folic acid


  • Calcium
  • Iron
  • Molybdenum
  • Potassium
  • Sulfur
Kelp extract from the North Sea

Kelp Extract
Kelp Extract from the North Sea

This kelp is awesome, not just any kelp goes into our G-Buds blend. Ours comes directly from the north sea! Why should you care, because it is packed with extra and more. Our kelp contains higher quantities of what your plant needs without additional heavy metals. Something to do with the really cold water.
Our extracted kelp “ascophyllum nodosum” is rich in micro elements, vitamins, minerals, cytokinins, alginic and protein amino acids. See below, then watch your plants grow with our G-Buds blend.
Our process uses potassium hydroxide to breakdown the kelp under very cold conditions (-10 F) then we process the liquid solution through an ultrafiltration filter to shear off the cellulose and unwanted potassium salts. Next we process it through a centrifuge to condense the good stuff and the last step is we dehydrate it to a beautiful shiny black crystal.

Alanine 5.52 Arginine 5.47 Aspartic Acid 9.88 Cystine1 .49 Glycine 5.70 Glutamic Acid 12.03 Histidine 1.29 Iisoleucine 3.26 Leucine 5.63 Lysine 4.24 Methionine 1.07 Phenylalanine 3.54 Proline 3.71 Serine 4.92 Threonine 4.60 Tryptophan 1.68 Tyrosine 3.52 Valine 3.51
A Retino l390 ppb B2 Riboflavin 4.9 ppm B3 Niacin 182.6 ppm C Ascorbic Acid 375 ppm D Cholecalciferol 150 ppb E Alpha Tocopherol 110 ppm
Ca Calcium 2.1% Cl Chlorine 6.5% K Potassium 2.7% Mg Magnesium 0.85% N Nitrogen 1.4% Na Sodium 4.0% P Phosphorus 0.3% S Sulphur 2.8% (parts per million-ppm) Al Aluminum 289 As Arsenic (FCC) <3 B Boron 98 Cd Cadmium 1 Co Cobalt 4 Cr Chromium 0.8 Cu Copper 4 Fe Iron 622 Hg Mercury <0.1 I Iodine 780 Mn Manganese 60 Mo Molybdenum 2 Pb Lead <5 Se Selenium 0.3 Sn Tin 6.5 Zn Zinc 12

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